Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages

Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages
Ten Green Bottles!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Grassroots Movement Meeting at Orleigh Park - West End Tuesday March 19 5pm

Orleigh Park Playground
Orleigh St (at end of Morry St), West End, Brisbane This group has been created to join people together who are passionate about health, who are sick of the politically correct lies surrounding saturated fat and nutrition, who want to make real change, who no longer want to let bodies like the Heart Foundation and the Dietetics Association of Australia to tell us lies, funded by sponsors about what we should be eating. 
Enough is enough!! 
People deserve to know the truth and to have access to factual information so that they can achieve holistic health and a balanced life. No more promoting margarine to children and families and people with heart disease as the 'healthy alternative', no more 'ticks of approval' on food that may be low in fat, but filled with sugar, dangerous artificial sweeteners, MSG, additives and preservatives.
No more fluoride in our water and no more "Cereals are eaten in large amounts and should provide the bulk of your energy (kilojoules) each day, so try to eat them at each meal. Choose wholegrain varieties when you can." - that is a direct quote from the Heart Foundation website.
I have started a petition on that has the support of people like Cyndi O'Meara- Author of Changing Habits, Changing Lives, Sarah Wilson- Author of I Quit Sugar, David Gillespie- Author of Sweet Poison and his latest book Toxic Oil and Christine Cronau- Author of the Fat Revolution Series.
I want to create meetups where we can come together and work on a grassroots movement to make some much needed change. 
We will start with this campaign and continue with others until we have made the changes that are so desperately needed in this country. I think it is absolutely unacceptable that children as young as 11 are developing type 2 diabetes and that the projections for 2020 is that 80% of Australians will be overweight and obese.
I have struggled through my own awful health problems and it wasn't until I turned my way of eating upside down that I was able to function and begin to reclaim my health. 
I want all people to have access to real information! It doesn't matter whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodie, paleo or haven't even started on your healthy eating journey. This is not about which way of eating and health is best. It is about people standing up against processed foods being marketed as healthy and down right incorrect information being pushed on our people.                                  Let's all work together to make change!

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