Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages

Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages
Ten Green Bottles!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fermentation Pot

Here it is, just arrived, my new fermentation pot. If you haven't tried one of these for fermenting kraut or other foods, you're really missing out!! Totally anaerobic environment makes a wonderful kraut with no fungus, mould or anything else to upset your brew. These are so well priced compared to other brands available in Australia

Sunday, 11 November 2012

"The ideal balance of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria in your gut is about 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad. Maintaining this ideal ratio is what it's all about when we're talking about optimizing your gut health. Historically, people didn't have the same problems with their gut health as we do today for the simple fact that they got large quantities of beneficial bacteria, i.e. probiotics, from their diet in the form of fermented or cultured foods, which were invented long before the advent of refrigeration and other forms of food preservation.

You can ferment virtually any food, and every traditional culture has traditionally fermented their foods to prevent spoilage. There are also many fermented beverages and yoghurts. Quite a large percent of all the foods that people consumed on a daily basis were fermented, and each mouthful provides trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement.

Here's a case in point: It's unusual to find a probiotic supplement containing more than 10 billion colony-forming units. But when my team actually tested fermented vegetables produced by probiotic starter cultures, they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic! Fermented foods also give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria, so all in all, it's your most cost effective alternative"

Here's cheers to all those Demented Fermenter.s who are busy making their own cultured vegies and kefir milk - an easier and inexpensive way to make your own probiotics.

Eumundi Butchers

I've just spent a week away in the north coast hinterland and had a trip to the Eumundi Markets..
They have a great food section where you can purchase fresh made butter (made by the splendid Frenchman Camille), homemade kimchi and sauerkraut, yummy cheeses and of course fresh fruit and vegies.

Also at Eumundi, is the Eumundi Butchers which has a huge range of meats and poultry, offals, cheeses, fresh milk and cream - all top stuff! Bought heaps of lamb's fry to bring home as it's so easy to cook and gain benefits from this often discarded but sacred food.

If you're up that way, do call in

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Easy Coconut and Pineapple Icecream

This certainly looks yummy and ever so easy to make. Just buy some Tropical Traditions coconut cream concentrate and process some fresh or frozen pineapple. For less sugar, process pawpaw and add.

 Easy Creamy Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream photo

Servings: 2
Place about 1 cup of pineapple in your food processor and process until smooth.
Add coconut cream and continue to process until well mixed.
You can double for more servings.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket

This is a really interesting programme. Watch Jimmy try to make high welfare animal products for Tesco.