Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages

Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages
Ten Green Bottles!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Making Quark Cheese

After I culture my fresh milk with kefir grains (enriching the milk with probiotics) I often drip this thick mixture to make a natural cheese that can be used as dips, spreads or cheesecake.

This is my curd bag (purchased from set up to drip 
the kefired milk through.

I've only recently purchased this equipment and it's certainly made life easier for me.


Adding the kefired milk to strainer. I let this sit overnight (covered with clean tea towel) and collect the whey for other uses. e.g. adding to sauerkraut as a starter culture.

I'd show you the cheesecake I made, but it's all been eaten!! 

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